When I had my children, I wish someone told me these things.

When you're newly pregnant, there's so many things to consider. What are the must-have items, what should the nursery theme be, what pediatrician should we go to, should we have a gender revel, should we keep the gender a secret, and so on and so on. All of those are things to consider and think about...but there's also some other things you may not have considered or even thought about!

Below is some advice from myself and other moms with newborns.

Please keep in mind that every pregnancy is different. Just take in the information and see which one resonates with you and what best fits your situation.

"I wish I took time to get away."

Things change once you have a newborn. One of the things you don't really realize is how much your schedule will change and how much of your time revolves around your newborn. "Baby-moons" are becoming super popular!

Take some time with your significant other (or even a group of friends!) and go on a nice little vacation before your belly gets too big! Believe me, planning a trip will be MUCH different with a little one!

"I wish I researched all the baby things & choose what *I* wanted."

Sometimes others advice is great, other times...not so much. People will tell you that this crib is better than that crib. Or that these diapers are better than those. Honestly, it's up to YOU and you don't NEED as much as you think. I know that all the cute outfits were fun, but when you have a newborn that spits up...those cute outfits don't last long! Take a look here on what items you actually NEED. Again, it's up to you on what you feel you and your baby need.

"I Wish I really embraced EVERY baby kick."

Pregnancy goes by so fast. The first few flutters that you feel are exciting, then the third trimester comes around and you have either a little butt or feet in your rib cage. Those little flutters turn into full blown kicks and aren't so comfortable. Even when it's uncomfortable and hard, remember and embrace those moments.

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The last two go hand in hand and couldn't be more important to address.

"I wish I started building a support team early."

Think of your pregnancy as almost like planning a wedding or big party. Delegate and ask for help on certain tasks so you aren't so overwhelmed. If you're planning a gender reveals to a specific person to plan. If you're planning a baby shower, delegate that to your best friend/mom/whomever. I'm sure they'll have fun and its less work for you to do! Lastly, the BIG one is who do YOU want present during labor and delivery? To avoid hurt feelings and confusion, start intentionally planning your support teams early. A doula is a great start for labor support.

"I wish I asked for and accepted more help."

I like to be simple and straight forward with my Mama clients. Especially my newborn ones. I tell them "Postpartum depression is a real thing." I say this not to scare them or anything, but to be honest. I personally thought I was un-touchable. I thought "Oh, that won't happen to me!" During birthing class, postpartum depression talk went in one ear and out the other. I wished I would have asked for more help. Don't hesitate to get your friends and family involved before the baby arrives. For example, ask for help getting the nursery ready, recruit your friend do to laundry, ask for someone to start a meal train to stock up your freezer. Believe me, you'll appreciate it when the time comes!

In the end, when you're newly pregnant it's like we have this fear that we don't want to miss or get anything "wrong".

There's no how-to book on being a mother. Try not to worry yourself and enjoy the different stages of your growing baby! Embrace this journey that you're on and what your body is capable of! Enjoy every moment of your pregnancy and fall in love everyday with you baby. Before you know it, you'll be holding them in your arms.