With so many new baby items on the shelves, it can get overwhelming!! If you’ve ever been to Target or any other baby store, you know this is true. But this is what you really need for your new baby. Here are 10 registry must-haves:


Everyone automatically thinks of a crib, but that isn’t your only option. Newborns wake up every couple hours, so many parents choose to keep the baby close in the beginning. There are co-sleepers that attach to your bed, bassinets, Doc-a-Tot, and all kinds of options. Choose what you feel is best!

Baby chillin on Dad Orrington Maine


DUH! This is a non-negotiable! There are several options available, from the basic infant carrier to the convertible ones that grow with your baby. Do your research and choose a car seat with great reviews that complies with all safety regulations. I have personally used Graco and loved them! If you don’t know how to choose, ask for help! If it makes you feel more comfortable you can have a professional install the car seat for you, or stop by your local fire department and have them make sure you installed it correctly yourself!


You don’t NEED a stroller right away! Especially if you’re going to babywear. I wore both my son & daughter everywhere (so much easier than a stroller once you get the hang of it) and it was so convenient. Babywearing was my saving grace when I had out daughter- 2 under 2 is no joke! Did you know that baby carriers are often cheaper than strollers!? There are many options – soft structured carriers, ring slings, wraps, and so much more. Check out a babywearing class near you to learn about all your options. (Not sure where to start? This Facebook Group is a great resource! )


As much as I LOVE all the cute outfits for newborns…they usually don’t wear them as often as you think! Sleepers and onesies are so much easier and usually end up becoming your “go-to” items. Register for ones with zippers not buttons. Trust me, when you’re changing a diaper at 2 am you really don’t want to be messing with buttons. And unless you want a SPECIFIC outfit, don’t bother putting clothes on the registry. People love buying buy baby clothes just as much as you do!

Diapers and Wipes

I know I know, cliche to say, but babies go through A LOT of diapers and wipes. If saving money and the environment is your jam, then you could look into cloth diapers. There are tons of eco-friendly diapers on the market now, but there’s nothing wrong with staying with the traditional Pampers, LUVS, or Huggies. Just remember to not open all the diapers when you get them. Babies grow so fast, and most retailers are more than willing to exchange smaller diapers for larger ones. Keep that in mind!


Whether you are planning on breastfeeding or bottle-feeding, you’ll need some basics to get started. Some babies are SUPER picky about their bottles, so don’t get a full collection of one kind. Register for 2 or 3 kinds of bottles so you can figure out what works for your baby. Then you can buy more once you know what works! If you’re pumping, sometimes the pump comes with their brand of bottles.

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Swaddles, swaddles, and more swaddles

Most babies LOVE to be swaddled. Each baby is also different. My son LOVED being swaddled, my daughter did not! Some moms prefer the traditional swaddle blankets like aden+anais, while some swear by the sleepsack swaddles or cocoon swaddles. You won’t know what you and your baby like, so pick up one of each to try out. Check out your local Facebook Marketplace, usually Mamas are selling all of those items for less than the store!

First Aid

I know you don’t want to think about it and it already breaks my heart writing this, but all babies get their first cold eventually. Instead of running out in the middle of the night for infant Tylenol or a thermometer, prepare now. Start with the basics (thermometer, nasal aspirator, gripe water, etc) and then you can add more as you need it. As a baby shower gift for our son, we got the American Red Cross Deluxe Health and Grooming Kit. It had E V E R Y T H I N G in it and we still use it to this day! 

Postpartum Care

Depending on where you live, your OB/Midwife can help you with postpartum care. It’s so so so easy (and sometimes fun!) to prepare for the birth of your baby, but often times we forget about taking care of ourselves AFTER birth. Postpartum doulas can come to your home and help with breastfeeding and postpartum care, as well as light cleaning/dishes. (Central Maine Mama’s, a very good friend of mine has a burning passion for helping/advocating for Mama’s in the Postpartum stage. Here is her Facebook page: Magyn’s Doula Services-Central Maine Doula. If you don’t have Facebook, here is her email: magynsdoulaservices@gmail.com)


I might be a bit biased but this is definitely a must-have. Professional photos of your newborn is so much more valuable than another newborn outfit they might wear once or twice. Don’t get me wrong, baby overalls get me every time! But I know personally I wish I would have had both my births documented.


And on that note, just a reminder that if you’re looking for a birth or newborn photographer in the area, contact me! I’d love to talk to you about booking a session for you – or for a loved one that you want to purchase a session for.

Motherhood, family and life can get hard. These images and the time spent together will serve as a reminder for you to choose happiness and to keep going.