Are you dreaming of the perfect family photoshoot but not sure where to do it?

You're not alone! Finding the right location can turn your family shoot into something truly magical. Let me guide you through some amazing location ideas in Maine that will make your photoshoot unforgettable!

Parks and Gardens

Parks and gardens offer a peaceful, natural setting that can add a touch of serenity and natural beauty to your family photos. Think of your kiddos running around having fun against the lush greenery or the beautiful backdrop of a flower garden in full bloom.

One of my favorite spots to photograph at is Pineland Gardens in New Gloucester!

Who is this location right for? This is perfect for family sessions that want to include the whole family and/or pets and those who prefer natural lighting and/or golden hour photos.

Who might want to skip this location? If you're not a fan of outdoor elements like unpredictable weather or natural backdrops, or if you're looking for a more controlled environment like a studio, you might want to consider other options.

What should you wear for this environment? For parks and gardens, flowing dresses or gowns work beautifully, especially those in soft, pastel colors or floral patterns to complement the natural surroundings.

Home Sweet Home: Indoor Shoots

There's no place like home for a cozy, intimate family photoshoot. Your own space can provide a comfortable and deeply personal backdrop. It's where you'll bring your little one home, making it a significant location for these memories.

Who is this right for? Perfect for those who cherish privacy and comfort, or for when it’s too cold, snowy or too hot to be outside.. It's also ideal if you want to include personal items in your photos.

Who might want to skip this one? If your home doesn't get much natural light or if you prefer more traditional portraits where everyone is looking and smiling, you might want to choose another option.

What should you wear for this environment? Comfort is key. Soft, cozy outfits or even elegant loungewear can look stunning. Think about including cute slippers or barefoot poses for a relaxed vibe.

Beach Bliss: Shorelines and Waterfronts

The beach provides a serene, dreamy setting for family photos. The natural light, the sound of waves, and the endless horizon create a magical backdrop.

Who is this right for? Ideal for those who love the water and want a peaceful, natural setting. The beach at sunrise or sunset offers particularly stunning lighting.

Who might want to skip this one? If you don't want to deal with sand, wind and/or bugs a beach location might not be your cup of tea.

What should you wear for this environment? Flowy dresses or skirts work wonderfully against the backdrop of the sea. Think about colors that complement the beach setting like blues, greens, and earth tones.

Rustic Charm: Farms and Barns

Farms and barns offer a rustic, charming setting for family photos. The natural textures of wood, fields, and rural landscapes add a timeless quality to your pictures.

Who is this right for? Perfect for those who love the countryside and love the idea of the focus being on you and your family with flowing fields in the background.

Who might want to skip this one? If you don’t like posing or “looking and smiling” photos - you might prefer something like a in-home location.

What should you wear for this environment? Casual dress with earthy tones.

Mom holding sons hands for family session in Jay Maine.
Family holding hands in a field in Jay Maine.

Western Maine offers so many stunning locations for your family photography session!

Whether you're drawn to the natural beauty of parks and gardens, the rustic charm of a farm, or the comfort of your own home, there's a perfect spot for every style and preference. 

Remember, go with your gut. Which of these stood out to you as the obvious choice or the one that made you excited when you imagined the possibilities?

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